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Tax Returns and Self Assessment Accountant

Self Assessment Tax Advice

Many UK taxpayers are required to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return, calculate the amount of tax due and submit before the annual deadlines. Penalties can be high, starting at £100.

A Self-Assessment tax return declares all your income for the tax year, including income that has already been taxed at source.If you have paid too much tax during the year you’re likely to receive a rebate.

The tax year for every individual in the UK runs from 6th of April to the 5th of April the following year.

If you owe tax on your Self Assessment Tax Return you will have until the 31st January of the following year to pay it. If the amount you owe is more than £1,000, you will need to make Payments on Account (POA) for the following year in addition to the outstanding tax. Payments on Account are made in 2 instalments, 50% payable by the 31st January and the other 50%payable by the 31st of July of the following year. A Self-Assessment tax return is completely separate to a company tax return.

Our fixed price service includes calculation of the following:

  • Income from Employment and Pensions
  • Taxable benefits
  • Dividends from shares and limited companies
  • Self Employed profits
  • Bank Interest
  • Property rental income
  • Capital Gains
  • Child benefit
  • Residency status and Overseas income

We provide a quality Self Assessment service at a fixed competitive price, get in touch for a fixed quote from our Self Assessment Accountant.

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